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Current Fashion Trends for Men in Jackets

Just about every man on the planet owns at least one jacket. Most men own several as they can be worn in so many situations and with so many different outfits.

This year, current fashion trends for men in jackets are just as interesting and varied as past years with everything from classic to very trendy possible.

Bomber jackets -- While bomber jackets have been less fashionable for the last couple of decades, they are coming back in style this year with designers creating them in a huge number of looks.

Look for bomber jackets that are bright and colorful or those that are shorter and cut straighter than the usual style. Plain jackets tend to be more stylish than jackets with patterned cuffs and collars.

Safari jackets -- These are the big change in jacket trends for men this year with plain beige, black and khaki green being the colors that are the most in style.

Most safari jackets do tend to be more of the bomber jacket length as well, although you will find shorter versions being created by some designers.

Fashion jackets -- These are men's jackets that are only going to be in style for a year or two, so it is usually best not to spend too much money on one.

Leather jackets are back in trend in this category with bright reds, blues and oranges also being in style. Look for jackets with big fake fur collars, lined hoods and non-standard prints.

Jackets that are made from water-repellent fabrics are also important, as most men want their outerwear to be useful as well as trendy. Get the latest updates on mens clothing sale clearance come check out our site.

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